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A day in the life of a Mulbarian

Day In The Life Of A Mulbarian.



Start Of the Day.

It all starts at 9:00am when we all line up on our fabulous playground and walk inside to our marvellous Mulberry classroom to do some early work- to get our brains warmed up.

To Start the Day

In early work, we will practise spellings, and then do some tasks from the ‘Read Write Inc, Spelling Zone’.


Then we would usually go into assembly, to find out about what has been happening, and what will happen that same day. Also we enjoy singing a hymn, and occasionally reading a story.


When we return to our classroom, we move to our maths places, so we will work better. In Maths, we start off with a warm up to revise what we have done so far, then we might do a number of different things including: ratio and proportion, long division and we have started a-bit of algebra.


After an hour of Maths, we next have- to some people their favourite part of the day- break time. We go onto the playground to have a snack, something healthy. We have rota, so we know which days we can go on the: football goals, basketball goals, cricket nets and table tennis.


At around 11:00am, we come back inside to complete some English, we start by doing a SPAG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) then writing about our Topic in English, at that moment in time. We have recently been studying Macbeth -by William Shakespeare- however now working on the borrowers, by Mary Norton.


Again after an hour of English, we start our lunch hour, we enjoy a hot dinner, made by our lovely dinner ladies. We eat things like pasta and chicken dippers. During this time we may change our books using our fabulous library, run by year 6.We can play on the playground, using our fun equipment, until the end of lunch at 1:10pm.

Guided Reading

Once we have hung our coats up, we do some ‘Guided Reading’ either reading as a class answering questions, to prepare for tests, or privately in our heads. We do this to get a better understanding of English Literature and grow our knowledge on reading and writing. We will do this for around 20 minutes.


We do different things each afternoon, but today we are doing Art. At the moment, we are learning do a technique called Batik, we do a design for a bag, then copy over it with hot wax. And finally use dye, we all enjoy this topic, and I think would all call this one of our favourite topics for Art. Here are a few good examples.


Next, we chose to do Topic, were we are learning about ‘The Changing Face Of Britain’. We are especially thinking about immigration, and how After World War II, many people from the West Indies decided to relocate to the UK- to help re-build Britain. This has been a good Topic to follow our World War II Topic, last term. There are lots and lots of good examples, and many of them are shown down below.


If we finish early, we might play a game or watch a movie linked to our Topic, before getting our coats and bags ready to go home.


Once we have gone home, we have a small amount of homework (Maths, English, Spelling and reading) to do each week, Maths and English for due in on a Wednesday, but Spellings and Reading records are due in on a Friday. Then we get some rest ready for a new day at school.

Thank you for reading

Day In The Life Of A Mulbarian.

Written By

Bonnie, Grace and Bella.