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Hello and welcome back to our second blog, we have also uploaded a new section called ‘Day in the Life of a Mulbarian’ so make sure you read that too.

Moving Mulberry

A few weeks ago, we moved classroom due to the fact that we are having a new classroom being built. This could have affected our learning- which would not be good as we have SATS to prepare for. Year 4 had kindly agreed to swap classrooms with Mulberry and Willow. It lead to a chaotic morning of moving: tables, chairs, teacher’s desks, books and teacher clutter. Builders are in the process of the building of the new classroom and we believe that the work is going well as brick are up. We have now settled in to the new classroom nicely and just about adjusted to the workers taking up our playground.

Lea Green

As some of you may know, Year 6 go on a residential trip to Lea Green after we finished our SATS as a reward for our efforts put into the tests. We are all very excited to be going in July and we have recently received checklists for what we need and timetables.

Mulberry Blog No.1



Hello and welcome to Mulberry’s first blog! We will be telling you what we have been doing for the past few months and what we will be learning in the not so distant future.


Currently, in English, we have been studying Macbeth by William Shakespeare and we wrote newspaper report on the death of King Duncan and now we will be learning about the Borrowers, a famous book about small people living under the floor boards, by Mary Norton.


In Maths we have been taught how to work out ratio, proportion and we are just beginning algebra all leading up to our SATS, which are coming up soon!


‘The Changing Face of Britain’ is our main topic study for this term, where we will be learning about the SS Empire Windrush, a famous boat that brought people from Kingston, Jamaica, to England after World War II to rebuild Britain.


 At the moment, in art, we are decorating bags using the Batik method and creating them with hot wax and dye.


Our French is tres bon (very good) and we are working on weather and we find it tres fascinate (very fascinating).


And in R.E- Religious Education- we are thinking of inspirational people and what makes a person inspirational.


In a week we have two lessons: one outdoor and the other indoor. In our outdoor lessons we have a rugby coach to come in and teach us rugby. Then in indoor P.E we are trying Real P.E lessons which is really fun.


In computing we are improving our class page on our school website which you are now on.


And finally, we recently studied electricity in science; we made circuits using our own school equipment involving: wires, light bulbs, batteries and buzzers.

Altogether, we really enjoy it here in Mulberry Class!

Thank You for Reading Mulberry’s First Blog

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Grace, Bella and Bonnie.