Home Page


This year in Pine class, we studied internet safety, where we completed ‘Alright Charlie’ to teach us about how to stay safe online. It taught us who and what we can trust and showed us the warning signs if something was dangerous, so we can recognise when something is not ok.


After that, we began work on our page for this website. We have learned to organise our ideas and all the skills needed to create a suitable class page.


To create a good page, we have:

  1. Looked at other websites to see what ideas they have
  2. Looked at what the government says we must put on our website
  3. Agreed on how to display our ideas and the design of our homepage
  4. Worked in pairs, with every pair focusing on a different subject
  5.  Learnt about confidentiality


We have decided to update our class page regularly and hope that you enjoy looking at everything that we have been doing in Year 6.