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Merit System and House Points

House winners 2018

Derwent won the School Sports Trophy

Kinder won the House Competitions trophy

We have four houses at Melbourne Junior School

Haddon- blue- named after Haddon Hall


Derwent -green-named after the River Derwent


Strutt-yellow-named after the Strutt family


Kinder -red- named after Kinder Scout


Merit Award 2018-2019

Children in each year collect dojos.

After 50 dojos have been awarded a certificate will be presented in assembly.

When 3 certificates (150 dojos) have been collected, the merit award for the year group will be presented in assembly and parents will be invited to this occasion. 

Year 3- Bronze

Year 4-Silver

Year 5- Gold

Year 6- Platinum

House Ambassador awards can be gained after each of these.