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The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain was our first topic in Year 6; we learned about the RAF and what an important role they played in the Second World War. Our work in other subjects was linked to our topic.


As part of the topic, we wrote diary entries, made public service information posters, drew a time line of the events of WWII, to name a few. In English, we wrote  a time slip story, poems about The Battle of Britain using figurative language, and a diary entry in the style of Anne Frank. Visit the English page to find out more about this.


So that we had more understanding of what happened in WWII, we learned about the Holocaust and what happened to Jewish people. We visited the National Holocaust Memorial Museum and met Holocaust survivor Martin Stern. He told us his story, and from that, some of us wrote biographies of his life and others wrote the biographies of other WWII heroes (Odette Sansom and Douglas Bader). We all agree that the trip was a great success and now we have a further understanding of the wrongs committed by Hitler and the Nazis.