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Batik is an art and a technique, which uses wax and dye to decorate fabric or cloth.  This technique has been practised for centuries and originates from Java, Indonesia. The word batik comes from the word 'tik' - meaning to dot.

The wax is applied to the fabric using tchanting tools. Once the wax is dry, dye can then be added. The wax prevents the dye from colouring the areas of fabric it covers. When the fabric is dry, the wax can be removed by ironing.



In our art lessons this term, we have been learning how to use the chiaroscuro technique. It includes: shading to add light and shadow and cross-hatching using pencils or charcoal.


First of all we practised the skills needed to create the technique. Then we applied these skills, drawing WWII artefacts including: metal hats, toy cats, bags etc.


We were really proud of the results. See what you think.