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We are scientists

What an exciting afternoon we had, as part of Science Week, with 'Wild Science'!

Evolution and Inheritance


As part of our studies during this topic, we learnt about the work of Charles Darwin. Here is what one of his journal entries may have looked like:


25th September, 1835


The Beagle arrived in the fascinating Galapagos Islands just over a week ago.


I have been studying the local flora and fauna of the islands and have made some interesting discoveries. I noticed that the tortoises on these islands are huge, like no other previously seen; this has led me to conclude that this species of tortoise is entirely new and only found on these islands.


A little while later, I discovered that on each island the shells of the tortoises were different; on the island of Santiago, their shells were slightly bigger at the front; on the island of Cristobel, the shells were even bigger. I suspect that these differences have occurred as the tortoises adapt to their specific environment in order to survive.


My superior discoveries are very rare and I shall present my findings to the scientists back in England; I shall call this theory: Evolution.



We had a great afternoon 'Working Scientifically' to launch our Light topic.

We had fun investigating how light travels using mirrors!