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National Poetry Day 

Thursday 28th September is National Poetry Day.


To celebrate, each class will be learning and performing a poem in assembly. Our poem is 'Tea With Aunty Mabel' by Jeanne Willis.


Please read it and help your child try to learn it ready for the assembly (copies are also in homework books). 


Tea With Aunty Mabel 

If you ever go to tea with my Aunty Mabel,

Never put your elbows on the dining room table,

Always wipe your shoes if you’ve been in the garden,

Don’t ever burp. If you do, say pardon.

Don’t put your feet on the new settee,

If she offers you a sugar lump, don’t take three.

Don’t dunk your biscuits, don’t make crumbs,

Don’t bite nails and don’t suck thumbs.

Don’t rock the budgie, don’t tease the peke,

Speak when you’re spoken to or else don’t speak.

Do as you’re told and if you’re not able,

Don’t go to tea with my Aunty Mabel.

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