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Y6 Summer Term Info

Welcome back to a very important term in Y6; we hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter break. As well as preparation for and administration of SATs tests, we will also be starting our 'Stars and Stripes' topic, a geographical study of North America. We will, of course, also be going on our residential trip to Lea Green.


The overview of this half term is as follows:

Week 1 & 2: Revision and 'Stars & Stripes' launch.

Week 3: SATs tests and 'Stars & Stripes'.

Week 4: Lea Green Residential

Week 5: Topic work and Year Books


We will continue to do PE as usual during this term so please ensure that PE kits are kept in school.


If you have not yet returned Lea Green consent forms, please do so by this Friday (28th April).


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through the usual channels.


Many thanks for your continued support,


The Y6 Team.

We wrote a class poem on Comic Relief day, thinking about world poverty.


Mind the Gap

You have a warm shower, 

while all I have is a dirty puddle. 


You have expensive, electronic phones,

while all I have are sticks and stones. 


You have a wardrobe full of options,

while all I have is the same rags to wear everyday.


You have a car, 

while I only have my feet. 


You can look forward to laying your head on a warm, fluffy pillow,

while I am forced to sleep on a concrete floor. 


You complain when there's a power cut,

while I don't even have a single light bulb.


You wash and clean yourselves everyday,

while we walk miles and our bodies just rot away. 


You have able, living parents,

while mine have been taken away.


You have lots of food,

while I only have scraps.


You get ill by eating too much,

while I get ill by eating too little.


You live in a loving, warm house, 

while I live in a rubbish tip.


You can walk to a chemist everyday,

while I have to walk far, far away.


You get ill and can cure yourself,

we get ill and can barely survive. 


You can walk down the street with ease,

while we check the ground for dangers.


You don't care about having a cough or a cold,

while it could change our lives forever. 


You can have tasty, school dinners,

while I eat crumbs at home.


You have shoes to wear on your feet,

while I have cuts and infections from the road. 


I only have the power to stay alive....


You have the power to change lives!


Learning Zone

Remember, each Learning Zone session this term will have a main learning focus:


Monday 6th March – Reading Comprehension

Monday 13th March - Maths – Tackling reasoning questions

Monday 20th March – Maths – Tackling reasoning questions

Monday 27th March – SPAG

Monday 3rd April – SPAG

Powerpoint from Y6 SATs meeting

Notes from Y6 Parents' Meeting

Spring Term Newsletter

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Y5/6 Orange Spelling Words

Y5/6 Orange Spelling Words 1