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Activities for the week commencing 15th June

Welcome to another week of home and school learning!  It has been great to see some of you back with us this week; if you are still learning at home, remember that you can email your teacher via your class email address.  If you are in school, it is important that you try to complete the sessions for Maths and English while you are at home on a Wednesday as this will help the week to run smoothly.


If you are still working at home, Mrs Missin has started to record one of our favourite books, Skellig, by David Almond.  We have uploaded the first four chapters for you to listen to.  Enjoy!

Skellig Chapters 1 and 2.mp3

Skellig Chapters 3 and 4.mp3

Hive Game Friday 19th June 11 o'clock: 282900