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Activities for the week commencing 30th March

This is your final Maths task for this week: finding the radius and diameter of circles. Enjoy!

Good morning everyone! Today's session is an arithmetic test. You will find the answers at the end of the document - try not to peek until you have had a good go!

Good morning Year 6! Today's session is all to do with 3D shape. Have a go at the slides and then maybe make a few nets of your own.

Good morning Year 6! Today's Maths session will help you revise what you know about shape. Good luck!

Good morning everyone! Here is another session to help you revise missing angles. If you get stuck, refer back to Friday's session to help you.

Try this grammar task. It includes some Rainbow Grammar so grab your crayons or felt tip pens!

Reading: here are some more 60 second reads for you to complete. This week's theme is fantasy.