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Activities for the week commencing the 27th April.

Good morning Year 6!  We hope that you found last week's activities useful.  When you receive the phone call from you class teacher you can ask any questions that you have or you can e-mail us via  Mrs Abbott will pass any messages on to us. Start this week by looking at the overview document to see which tasks you are going to do.  It is also attached as a document so that you can click on links to websites.

Week 2 overview

Spelling Shed Hive Game


Every Friday at 11 am, we will try to host a hive game for you. Check here for the hive game code so that you can join us! This week, the spelling pattern is Challenge 7:  ancient, cemetery, criticise, equipped, government, leisure, opportunity, recognise, sincerely, variety.


Today's Hive Game code: 876186


Please be logged in and ready to start by 11 o'clock.