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Discussion Text Wk 2

Discussion Texts Wk 2 - notes for parents


(The PPT and PDF of Discussion texts Wk 2 are the same, but saved in two formats as some devices may not support the PPT version.) 


The aim is that by the end of the week, the children will have produced a simple discussion text based on the events from Fantastic Mr Fox. 


Writing is often difficult for the children to do at home. If they are not keen to physically write, then typing up the text will be fine. 

Ideally the writing will be written on the writing sheet uploaded. If you do not have printer access, then they can write it into their blue books. In class we will do a section of the writing a day as directed on the PPT, however your child may prefer to just write it in a longer sitting so it is finished. 

If the topic does not interest them, then they are welcome to write a discussion on a topic of their choice as long as they include the features taught in Wk 1.  

We look forward to seeing what they can produce.