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Reading Celebration Spring 1 - 'I Love Reading!' We enjoyed sharing our favourite books during our speed dating/reading session! We then had a go at book charades!

Wind in the Willows

We turned a chapter from Wind in the Willows into a play script in groups. We then rehearsed and performed our plays!



As part of our National Poetry Day celebrations on the 4th September, Year 4 recited the poem 'Cargoes' by John Masefield. Take a look at our performance. 

We then had a go at writing a new verse for the poem.  Here are some of the results:


Wooden gondola of Venice, treasure of Italy

Gliding gracefully down the Grand Canal

With a cargo of tourists

Visitors and cameras

Suitcases, sweethearts and singing Gondoliers.

Joe and Grace F


Chinese container ship

Butting through the Pacific

With a cargo of cars,

Costumes and books,

Magazines and dolls and fluffy teddy bears.

Esme and Luke


Huge, mighty tanker coming from the Atlantic

Charging through the waves like a knife spreading butter

With a cargo of liquids,

Crude oil and chemicals,

Gasoline, diesel and petroleum.

Bethany and Harry W