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Guess Who Quiz

               Just for fun! - Guess Who Quiz


Read the statements below and see if you can guess which member of the Year 5 team it is referring to.


My favourite pizza flavour is pepperoni.


I can tap dance.


My favourite flavour of crisps is prawn cocktail.


I used to be a lifeguard when I was at college and university.


I played lacrosse for my university. 


My favourite chocolate is Terry's Chocolate Orange.


I have a rabbit called Fluff.


I love Haribo and Liquorice Allsorts (a bit too much!).


I like ballet, yoga and pilates.


I have a dog called Lottie.


My favourite bands are The Stereophonics and The Killers.


I love food, especially buffets!


When I was younger, I entered the British Champions Incline Speed Skating competition and came third. 


I enjoy gardening.