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Weekly Homework Tasks

Each week, your child will be set the following homework:

-Spellings (given as a paper copy and an assignment on Spelling Shed)

-English/Maths tasks for the Autumn term 

They will also be expected to: 

- Read regularly and record this in their diaries        

- Login to and practise times tables on TT Rockstars



Dactyl homework book will be used for both Maths and English homework this term. Please encourage your child to complete the pages set each week and let us know if they experience any issues. These books have been bought as a resource to help support learning done at school; we therefore ask that only the pages set each week are completed as homework and no more. 


Please find a list of the weekly tasks below: 

(Tasks will also be listed in your child's homework book or diary)


Date English Maths
Friday 18th September ---       Page 3      
Friday 25th September   Pages 4 and 5   ---

Friday 9th October

--- Page 4
Friday 16th October Pages 6 and 7 ---
Friday 23rd October --- Page 8
Half Term Page 8 Page 9



Spelling list English Maths

Friday 6th


List 3: The Prefixes il- & ir-

---         Page 12      

Friday 13th


List 4: The Prefix sub- Pages 11 and 12     ---
Friday 20th November List 5: The prefix inter- Page 18 - conjunctions Page 14 - Written addition
Friday 27th November

List 6: Spelling challenge

Page 14 - Sentences

Page 15 - Written subtraction

(Pg 13 extra)

Friday 4th


List 7:The suffix -ation Page 29 Apostrophes Page 38 - Perimeter

Friday 11th


No  Homework         This Week!            Merry Christmas!!!