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Week Ending      

Dactyl Book and Page number

Friday 26th March 

English pg 26 Commas in Lists 

Maths pg 29 Equivalent Fractions 

Wednesday 31st March 


pg 30 Common mistakes with an apostrophe

pg 32 - Paragraphs

Maths pg 30 Adding and subtracting fractions

Friday 23rd April

English - Pg 28 Apostrophes to show where a letter is missing

Maths - Pg 31 Using Fractions to find how many

Friday 30th April

English - Pg 23 Punctuation Revision

Maths - Pg 32 Fractions and decimals 

Friday 7th May

English - pg 25 Starting and ending sentences

Maths - pg 33 Dividing by 10 and 100