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 Welcome back to Maple!


We are so looking forward to seeing you all when we come back in September!  This page will give us chance to share with you a bit about ourselves - even though you know who we are, you might learn something new!


Have a look in the 'Transition Activities' tab. You will find a letter from Miss O'Connor for you to read. smiley



Mrs McGibbon

Miss O’Connor

Mrs Hopwood

Mrs McGibbon will teach Maple Class on a Thursday, Friday and every other Wednesday.


She loves to ride her horse and listen to her favourite football team.  Funnily enough, both are called Derby!!!

Miss O'Connor will teach Maple Class on a Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.


She loves chocolate, shopping and laughing! She is looking forward to teaching Maple in September.


Mrs Hopwood is an incredibly creative person.  Did you know she makes beautiful candles?  She will be helping us all this year.

Maple Classroom

If you have any questions before September, you can email us at:

We will try to check weekly but please bear with us as we will be working hard, planning all the fantastic activities for next September!!! (Or having a bit of a break!!!laugh)