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White Rose Maths - daily lessons


Follow the link below to access the Year 5 White Rose Maths home learning page.


You will only be able to view the videos. See below for another link to the videos and the relevant activity sheets. The Friday challenge will also be on the website.


Watch the video then have a go at the activity sheet. This does not need to be printed; you can complete it in your home learning journal. The answers are provided for you in the separate document so you can see how you have got on.

Option 1 (if not completed before) - Statistics


Revising charts and graphs - have a go at the following tasks:

1. Purple Mash 2do - interpreting bar charts revision.

2. Watch and have a go at the questions on the line graph PPT then have a go at one of the line graph activity sheets. 

Option 2  - Problem Solving


Choose one of the following activities from STEM and NRICH:


Symmetry Challenge 


Angles Pirate Treasure Challenge


Co-ordinates Treasure Hunt



Purple Mash


We have set you some extra Maths tasks in the '2dos' section on Purple Mash. These are linked to work we have recently completed in school, so will be a good way to recap what you have learnt. To find them more easily, once in the '2do' section, type 'Maths' into the search box. You will then see the list of all the Maths '2dos' set so far.


TT Rockstars


Continue practising your x tables on TT Rockstars. We will periodically set up new battles too!

                               BBC Bitesize


There are additional sessions you may wish to access on the BBC Bitesize website. These topics are now aligned with White Rose.