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White Rose Maths - daily lessons


Complete the lessons each day then if you want further tasks, look at the extensions below. The activities this week should all be revision for what we completed in school just before Lockdown.


See below for the link to the videos and the relevant activity sheets. Watch the video then complete the questions.


Complete the Friday Challenge (questions 1 - 6 and try 7 and 8 if you want an extra challenge!) on the White Rose website:


Also, have a look at some of the problem solving games and activities below. There are lots of really good measure ones.

Problem Solving extensions


Measure - Approaching Midnight


Measure - Clocks


Measure - Car Journey


Or follow this link and choose any of the other games and problems that you think look interesting - there are lots!



Geometry - Olympic Turns


Geometry - Making Spirals


Geometry - Baravelle




Symmetry Challenge 


Angles Pirate Treasure Challenge




TT Rockstars


Continue practising your x tables on TT Rockstars.

                               BBC Bitesize


There are additional sessions you may wish to access on the BBC Bitesize website. These topics are now aligned with White Rose.