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Covid 19 Update

17 March 2020

Dear Parents  

The Infant and Junior Schools have made several decisions in the light of the most recent guidance from the Government on Covid 19. Currently, both schools have several children and staff who are self-isolating for a variety of reasons.

Anyone who has a confirmed case of Covid19/Coronavirus within their immediate family living within the same household must inform the school. This is so that we can inform Public Health England who will them make the decision whether to close our schools as a result. If a member of staff has a confirmed case, we would inform Public Health England and parents. 

We will be using the contact details which we already hold in school to contact you, if there have been any recent changes to these, please inform school as soon as possible.


If any member of your household has either a continuous cough or high temperature, the guidance is that all members of the family should self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

For children and families where there are serious underlying health conditions, we recommend that you take advice from a healthcare professional about whether you need to go into social isolation.


We are noticing that some of our children are getting sore hands as a result of continuous handwashing. Please encourage your child to dry hands properly after washing them.

Daily Organisation-Junior School

In order to keep the schools open, it may be necessary to make some changes owing to staffing shortages:

If required, we will change our lunch time arrangements so that we will have two shortened lunch times, with Year 3&4 having lunch from 11.45-12.30 and Years 5&6 having lunch time from 12.30 -1.15.  This will also limit the number of children in the hall.

Where teaching staff are absent, we will use our regular supply teacher Mrs Wright. We will not use further supply staff to limit cross infection from other local schools. It may be necessary for classes to be ‘doubled up’ or to be taught by our support staff. In cases of extreme staff shortages, where there are insufficient staff for the school to safely operate, it may be necessary to close the school to some classes. Health and safety is our priority and if we are unable to ensure the safety of children, then school will be closed.

We will have class assemblies for the foreseeable future.

School Work- Junior School

Homework for Children in Year 3,4&5 who are off school through self-isolation guidelines and are well enough to complete work from home:

Please complete

  • Reading
  • Spelling Shed
  • TT Rockstars
  • Homework from the homework menu
  • Log onto Purple Mash and complete any work from Maths, English, computing, typing skills
  • Log onto Twinkl and complete tasks in the relevant year group section enter code UKTWINKLHELPS

Homework-Year 6 Children

In addition to the above, Year 6 children should also visit BBC Bitesize revision programmes. the Twinkl site includes some KS2 test papers.

To avoid cross infection, please do not send work back into school. You can self-mark work and feedback to the teacher, via the school email address, any areas of difficulty

ALong term school closure

Staff at both schools are considering how to support the ongoing education of the children, should a longer-term closure be necessary. Please be assured that preparations have already begun so that we can respond in a timely manner.

Many of the learning activities will require internet access. Please let us know if your child does not have internet access at home.

Please put your efforts into considering how you might occupy your children with varied activities if you are unable to get out of the house. Think about board games that you can play, gather craft things together, find old jigsaws and toys that haven't been played for a while and books that you can enjoy together etc.

Junior School updates

We request that volunteers and other visitors do not come into school.

We are running the PTA Mother’s Day shop today and tomorrow. This will be staffed by MJS staff and pupils.

The Book Fair will not run. The school shop will be closed until further notice.

There will be no sports fixtures until further notice.

Year 4 Viking Day, Year 3 Roman Exhibition and Year 5 Toyota visit are postponed.

Year 5 Swimming will not take place until further notice.

From next week, before and after school clubs will not take place until further notice.

Peripatetic music lessons will be cancelled from next week.

SSSEN teachers will not visit from the end of this week.


We are living through an unprecedented time; nothing like this has ever happened before. We understand your concerns around the spread of the virus. Please be assured that your child's safety is our priority. We will continue to communicate with you as instructions and recommendations change.


Your sincerely,



Mrs Whirledge and Mrs Gibbs