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Daily message from Mrs Whirledge

Good morning.

It is 80 years today since the start of the Battle of Britain on 10 July 1940. Year 6 study this as a turning point in history. It is not widely known that a 13 year old school girl, Hazel Hill, was perhaps instrumental in the success of this event. In 1934, an able mathematician, Hazel helped her father, a scientific officer, to mock up calculations of how the Spitfire could be armed with eight machine guns rather than four, as had been planned. It is now felt that this narrow margin was one of the keys to success in the battle. Hazel went on to have a career in medicine.

More locally, tomorrow would have been Melbourne Carnival. Let's hope that we can all make the most of the weekend even without this event and look forward to its return , hopefully next year. 

Mrs Whirledge