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Daily message from Mrs Whirledge

Good morning.

Here we are almost at the start of the school Easter holidays.

These are a  few things you can do over Easter:

-If you visit The Royal Institution website, there are some great science investigations you can do at home with mum and dad- they are on the home page.

- For those mathematicians amongst you, Radio 4 has a maths problem of the day- it is on at about 6.50 (early I know- I expect that it is on the BBC website too). The one today was set by a Year 7 student. It might get mum and dad thinking too!

These are a few things which happened in April in history. You might want to find out more about them:

-4 April 1964 The Beatles had 5 songs in the top 5 places in the US charts. Can you find out which songs they were?

-9 April 1806- the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel  (great name) was born. Can you find out what he helped to design? 

- 10 April 1633 bananas were first sold in Britain.

-29 April 1884 Oxford University first admitted women to study. They were not awarded degrees at this time.


Please remember to be helpful at home, especially if your mum and dad are trying to work.

Please also remember to be kind to each other.

I will post messages over the holiday.

Take care.

Mrs Whirledge