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Lea Green 2018 - Day Four

Day Four


The Team Swing was completed today by group 1 in the morning and group 2 in the afternoon. Here are some comments from pupils who took part in the activity today: James said, “The best bit was the drop and the swing afterwards.” and Jacob said that he enjoyed pulling the cord as you could surprise your partner!


It was Orienteering and Bouldering for Group 2 in the morning.  Children ran hard to collect the points from each station.  They also raced around the "The Cave" as they traversed the walls.   


Group 3 had their turn on the Adventure Day - Miss Martin told us that it was the best day of Lea Green she’d taken part in. In the morning, they did Bell-boating races and in the afternoon they tried out the Paddleboards.  This ended with games on and IN the water,


Our final evening ended with a yummy barbeque on the lawn and then a choice of rounders or football, followed by “Eggs can fly”.  Each group was given an egg and a limited amount of materials to wrap your egg up to try and protect it. Then you have to drop it from a big height and hope it doesn’t crack.  Amazingly 7 out of 12 eggs didn’t break.  Well done to those groups! 


We all said farewell to Pippa and wished James a happy birthday. 


For videos from today go to:


By Leo, Sean and James.