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Lea Green 2018 - Day One

Day One


It has been our first day of Lea Green and we have all had a great time so far. We have come to Lea Green for our Year 6 residential, as a reward for our SATs. All of us have been split into three groups so we all have different activities daily. We have no contact with our parents/carers at home, but we are sure we will all have a great time. So far the activities the groups have done so far are obstacle course, cave climbing, orienteering, fris-bee golf and stream walk. One of our favourite parts of the day was when we all went for a night walk and group 1 and half of group 3 -the girls- decided to ambush group 2 and half of group 3 –the boys.  Miss Price and Miss Martin were really surprised!  After a warming mug of hot chocolate we went off to our dorms.  What fun will we have tomorrow? 


Video of Stream Walk: 


By Bella, Grace and Bonnie.