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Lea Green 2018 - Day Three

Day Three


Today marks the halfway point of our amazing residential: today was group two’s turn to go to the Adventure Day. They went bell-boating and paddleboarding on the Derwent in Darley Abbey.


Here are a few comments from participating students, ”Bell-boating was my favourite, but swimming in the deep part was scary!”

“It was really fun, I wish I could do it again”.


Group 1 did Bushcraft in the morning and the nerve-racking High Ropes in the afternoon.  Here is a comment on their activity, “I really enjoyed my day and can't wait to find out what we are doing tomorrow.” 


Group 3 did High Ropes before lunch and afterwards went on a long wet scramble on the Stream Walk. 


The day ended emotionally, with an early high, but sadly two late lows as we all watched the England match together.  


For some videos from today go to:  


By Megan, Maddie and Bethany