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Plants and observing how things grow was our topic for after Easter. 


If you are only just joining this page now, below we have attached two new PowerPoint lessons each week, each providing the full coverage for this Science topic for Year 3. They all have a full parental guidance description at the start, so you know what the lesson involves, and how to support your child in the best way. Each lesson should only take about 30/45 minutes. 


Lesson 1- Functions of different part of flowing plants (20/04/20)

Lesson 2- What plants need to survive and grow (20/04/20)

Lesson 3- The anatomy of a flower (27/04/20)

Lesson 4- Pollination and fertilisation (27/04/20)

Lesson 5- Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant (04/05/20)

Lesson 6- Escape the Garden Centre (04/05/20)

Extension- Fun activities and assessment (11/05/20)


These lessons do not involve you having to plant seeds.  However, if you have any seeds available, we urge you to plant them and observe how they grow. You could plant them in a clear, plastic cup or a zip lock bag so you can see the roots emerge and then transfer it to a bigger pot or plant out. If you have any sunflower seeds, we could see who could grow the tallest sunflower!