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Welcome to Poplar Class!

Summer Term 2022

We have welcomed Mrs Lawrence to Poplar class at the beginning of this term.  She is to cover the rest of this term during Mrs Pegg's maternity leave.  I'm sure everyone welcome's her into MJS!


Wider Opportunities for Music continues for us during this term. Wider Opportunities is a project that gives all primary children the chance to play an instrument as an integral part of National Curriculum music lessons.  This will continue on Thursday afternoons.  I'm sure you will be looking forward to your children bringing home their instruments to practise!!!


Just a brief reminder about the Government Multiplication Tables check:

"The purpose of the check is to determine whether your child can fluently recall their times tables up to 12, which is essential for future success in mathematics."

"It is an on-screen check consisting of 25 times table questions. Your child will be able to answer 3 practice questions before taking the actual check. They will then have 6 seconds to answer each question. On average, the check should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete."

(The above information is taken from the website - find more information here: )

It will take place during the month of June.  More information will be available nearer the time.  On TT Rockstars, the "Soundcheck"  version is good to use as a practice as it times the questions for 6 seconds, as they do on the Government version.  However, any practices done at home will benefit your child.


Poplar dressed up as Book Characters - Thank you again for the sponsorship! Update on outcome will be posted at a later date!

Poplar Poetry

Over the last 2 weeks (February), we have been learning the skills of choral speaking and intonation when reading aloud, both in our class reading sessions and in English.  We wrote our own poems entitled “Hospitals”, emulating the structure of a poem called “Playgrounds” by Berlie Doherty.

Please enjoy Poplar Class putting all of their new skills together when reading their poems!


Alex M, Maya, Arthur, Isaac

Ben, Olivia W, Elsie, Ted

Eimear, Polly, Elliott, Wilf

Eleanor, Frankie, Alex T

Eliza, Archie, Imogen, Elizabeth

Olivia B, Emily, Jacob, Ava, Barney

Pizza Making at Harpur's

A massive thank you to all the adults that came with us on our 2021 Pudsey Ramble this year!  We hope you enjoy the following photos!

Poplar Pudsey Ramble - October 2021