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Complete an ERIC a day


Each one is a poem for you to read.

Reading Comprehension - Non-fiction


Now we have finished our Whole Class Reading, we would like to set you some non-fiction reading tasks to complete. We have found some that are current and that you will hopefully find interesting. You can complete the questions and activities in your Home Learning Journals.


You can choose which one you would like to complete or you can do both if you wish. There are 3 different tasks within each document. The text and questions (with answers on the following page) have stars at the bottom of the page. 

1 star = Challenge 1

2 stars = Challenge 2

3 stars = Challenge 3

Choose the right level of challenge for you. Enjoy!

Extra Reading Material

If you have read all of the reading scheme books or library books you took home and need some more, see the links on the page below.