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Rocks and Soils

Rocks and Soils

Your final science topic of Y3 is all about rocks and soils. We will start by looking at how different rocks are formed, so if you can start a little collection of different types of rocks as you're out and about, you can use them in the lessons and see if you can identify what type of rock they are.


Oak Academy

Whilst the majority of school cover this topic in Y3, The Oak Academy have placed their coverage in Y5. The first few lessons, that explain how rocks are formed, are fine for Y3 and the demonstrations are much better than we can show in a PPT. However, some of the tasks and particularly setting it out in books may be too complicated for Y3. Therefore, we will direct you to the points of the videos that are the most relevant and provide an alternative activity, that is more simplified for Y3 on the lesson PPT.

If your child is interested, they can look at all the Oak lessons in this particular unit, if they wish, but the Y3 curriculum is covered by the sections identified in each PPT lesson.