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Welcome to our class page. This page will hopefully help you to learn a little bit more about Rowan and what to expect when you come back in September.


First things first, Who's who?


My name is Mrs van Rooyen (it's a South African surname and is pronounced van Roy-un) and I will be your teacher in September. We are really lucky in Rowan because we will have two lovely teaching assistants you know very well working with us too. Mrs Farmer and Mrs Turnbull will also be helping you with your learning. 

Transition activities


If you have a look on the Year 4 page, under the heading 'Transition Activities', you will find a letter that I have written to tell you a little bit more about me and who I am as a teacher. Because we won't have had the chance to get to know each other before the summer holidays, I would really love it if you could write me a letter to tell me all about you. 


You can be as creative as you like! I would love to know all of the interesting things about you: what your favourite subjects are, who you live with at home (human, furry or otherwise!) and anything else you might like to tell me. If you want to use the computer to type it then that is absolutely fine too. If you choose to type your letter then you could ask an adult at home to email it to:

Similarly, if your parents/carers have questions they would like to ask then they can also send me an email on here too and I will get back to them. It would be lovely to get to know you all a little bit more before we start back in September. 

Our Classroom

The pictures above show what our classroom looks like at the moment. It does look a bit different to how it normally would. Don't worry, it will be a lovely learning environment come September. I just need to work some magic on it...