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Friday 17th July - Hive Game Number: 956953

Good luck for your FINAL spelling test in Year 3!laugh

FRIDAY 10th July  - Hive Game number: 599625

Good morning!  Mrs McGibbon - former Queen Bee - is in charge today, so if it goes wrong, you'll know why!!! cheeky

Friday 3rd July - Hive Game Number: 704205


Friday 26th June - Hive Game Number: 420509

Good luck!

Friday 19th June -Hive Game Number: 548640


Friday 12th June - Hive Game Number: 887333

Good luck Year 3!

Friday 5th June - Hive Game Number: 846297 

Good luck!!!cheeky

Friday 22nd May - Hive Game Number: 415906

Have a break over Half Term - see you back here on 5th June!!!  Good Luck!!! laugh

Friday 15th May - Hive Game number: 775415

Back to a Friday!!!  Have fun!!! yes

Thursday 7th May - Hive Game number: 330589

Sorry it's late - I've been teaching at school!!! Please note the change of date due to the Bank Holiday! surprise

Friday 1st May - Hive Game number: 246346

Good luck today! smiley

Friday 24th April - Hive Game number: 251608

Here's the number for the next Hive Game!!! cheeky

Friday 17th April - Hive Game number: 521356

See you soon for the next Hive Game!!! cool

Friday 10th April - Hive Game number:  592388

Check in here for the next Hive game!!! laugh

Friday 3rd April - Hive Game number:     471638

There will be a Hive Game for our spellings on this day at 1pm.  To join the Hive Game, follow these steps:

  • Log in
  • Click on your avatar (picture) in the top right hand corner
  • Click 'Play'
  • Look for 3 horizontal lines in the top left hand corner and click on it
  • Click on 'Join Hive Game'
  • Type the number I will give you on FRIDAY MORNING
  • WAIT until 1pm - we will start our game just after (approximately 1.05pm)
  • HAVE FUN!!!


Well done everyone that could join in!  I think a few of you who joined may have had problems with the internet/computer but don't worry!!!  I will do another one next week.  I have set your new words on the assignment - have fun learning them!  See if you can make up some VERY SILLY SENTENCES with them!!! 

Thank you!  You have made me very happy doing this (and I WAS very excited!!! )

Mrs McG