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Every week, your child will receive a paper copy of their Year 4 words to learn.  These words are also available on Spelling Shed - your child has their login details in their diary.


The best way to learn spellings is a combination of using online resources, paper and pen practices and spelling them out loud.


 Below is a table of approximately when each set of spellings will be given.  It is subject to change so please check for any updates regularly.


Date spellings givenSpelling list from Spelling Shed
24/9/21List 1 - Homophones
1/10/21List 2 - The prefix in-
8/10/21List 3 - The prefix il- and ir-
15/10/21List 4 - The prefix sub-
22/10/21List 5 - The prefix inter-
Half Term laughHalf Term laugh