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Spy Dog Week 4

This week we're looking at letters. Had we have still been in school, we would be sending some of these letters to Andy Cope to invite him to come in to talk to us about writing Spy Dog. He has done this every year since the first Spy Dog was written, in fact, a Year 3 class from MJS were the very first to hear Spy Dog before it was published as the teacher at the time, Mr Bell, had taught Andy, so he asked him to get the children's opinion on his first book! We may not be able to invite him in this year, but we can still write the letters and if you have any really interesting questions, we could email him and ask for the answers!


The letter is split up over the week. Some of you may get it finished quite quickly. If you do, why not try writing some more letters, maybe you could send one to relatives who you've not been able to visit for a while. I'm sure they'd love to receive them.