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We don't talk about Bruno


We've talked about Bruno this term and learnt a lot about rhythm and pulse! The music from the film 'Encanto' has been the inspiration behind our music unit and we've enjoyed learning about the Columbian influences behind the compositions by Lin Manuel-Miranda. 

Our musical vocabulary has broadened and we use the correct terminology and symbols for dynamics and the value of notes and rests along with understanding the concept of syncopation and how this affects the rhythmic feel. Identifying and clapping rhythms and keeping a steady beat has been key in this unit. Using given ostinato patterns, we worked in groups to learn the rhythms for our percussion instruments keeping time together (which was challenging when the other instruments were playing different rhythms). We then worked together to compose our own rhythm patterns to play during the chorus and put it all together. 

You'll find some short clips of some groups' compositions here and please visit the video section to see the full performances.

Cherry woodblocks

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Cherry Maracas

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Cherry Tambourines

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Cherry drums

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