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Extra Writing Activities

Our main unit for English is Spy Dog, so please complete those lessons first.


If you have finished all of the lessons for each week and want more to write, then take a look at   where you will find a picture a day to inspire you. 


You can also write about your day to day activities in your diary, or blog on Purple Mash. 

Some other ideas:

  • Write instructions for something you have made.
  • Describe what you can see from you window.
  • Stop during your daily exercise and take a photo of something interesting you've seen. Try to describe it using powerful adjectives.
  • Make up poems about spring. Acrostic poems are always good fun!
  • Make up a restuarant at home and plan out the menu. What words could you use to make the food sound appetising?
  • Make up a game and write a set of instructions for how it works.
  • Write a book review (see Purple Mash).
  • Write a story using characters and settings of your own choice. You could continue the adventure from The Journey trilogy. Where might the characters go next? What problems could they encounter? What would they have to draw to overcome the problems?


Please try to do a little bit of writing each day. Even if it is a few sentences. Practise those Rainbow grammar skills. Can you improve your traffic light sentences using fantastic vocabulary and correct punctuation marks?