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W/C 4th January 2021

Task dates have been altered to reflect us going into Lockdown.  The activities below correlate with the tasks given on Teams.

Monday task - also done at school

Look at each of the crayon's letters and identify what each of their complaints are, Find evidence in the text to support your thinking. 

Wednesday Task

Have another look at the link of the story reading from yesterday's lesson. What persuasive devices can you spot?


You will be choosing your favourite colour and explaining why this is the case. You should consider trying to convince others that their choice is the best. 

Thursday Task

Look through the information given about the use of apostrophes and choose to take on either Challenge 1, 2 or 3 (don't do all three). 

Friday Task

Have a look at Peach Crayon's letter and identify the persuasive features - how are they trying to make Duncan feel guilty? 


Then, choose your own letter and identify the complaints being made and come up with some possible suggestions for how Duncan can make amends.