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Year 3

Hello Year 3!


We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the time at home with your families. 

Below you will find your homelearning links. Now we're getting into more of a system we thought the page needed a bit of a tidy up to make it easier for you to find everything. 


We appreciate that your parents are probably very busy having to work from home and supervise you and maybe siblings too, therefore we've tried to include activities that you can do by yourself, or with minimal help. 


You will find lots of activities on PurpleMash and the ones we would particularly like you to do we have set as '2dos'. You don't have '2do' them all at once. Maybe do one a day. When we've seen you've completed one, we can comment on how well you have done. A big well done to those of you who have already completed some of them. 


You will all work in different ways. Some of you may like to make a timetable and follow it, others may like to decide each morning what they would like to do each day. You may well have trialled different ways of working the week we've been off. What is important is that you keep your brains active and to do that, it's best to do a little bit of different things each day. i.e. do TT rockstarts (or other tables/mental maths activities) spellings, reading, some writing and maths every day. Mix these up with other subjects and activities you like doing. 


There are LOADs of things happening online for all sorts of subjects. I'm sure you've found some of these already, but in the letters section we have listed the ones we are aware of. Mrs Fowkes has already trialled some of them with her own children at home. 


Something we are VERY excited about is the introduction of a class BLOG on PurpleMash. If you go to the sharing tab and click on blogs, you should find Year 3' blog. Click on that and you will find a class blog. Please use it to tell us what you've been up to. You can add photographs too if you wish. As this is on Purplemash, it is password protected so no-one but Y3 will be able to see your entries. Your teachers are going to add to this regularly too. 


Mrs McGibbon is going to do an online spelling test for you on a Friday. We will post details in the English section below each week and on the blog.


We hope you manage to enjoy your Easter holidays. We are not going to set any specific learning tasks for this period (you are still allowed a holiday!) but we will put an Easter folder on with some activity ideas to keep you busy. Let's hope the nice weather continues so you can make the most of your gardens. 


Keep safe. Stay home. WASH THOSE HANDS!


We miss you.


The Year 3 team

Spring Term Newsletter for Year 3

Welcome to Y3!


Year 3 has three classes this year: Cherry, Maple and Palm.


Cherry is taught by Mrs Fowkes (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Harnden (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). They will cover each other's PPA time.

Maple class is taught by Mrs McGibbon  and will also have Miss O'Connor after Easter (she is getting married soon so will be known as Mrs Green). PPA will be covered by Mrs Stoker.

Palm class is taught by Miss Pritchard. PPA will be covered by Mr Wardell.


PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment time) is on a Wednesday morning.


We will be assisted by Mrs Turnbull, Mrs Farmer, Mrs Hopwood and Mrs K who will work throughout the year group.


Midlands Music Service Workshop- Stone Age

Midlands Music Service Workshop- Stone Age 1
Midlands Music Service Workshop- Stone Age 2
Midlands Music Service Workshop- Stone Age 3
Midlands Music Service Workshop- Stone Age 4
Midlands Music Service Workshop- Stone Age 5

Visit to Creswell Crags to study the Stone Age

Stone Age Music

Still image for this video
Cherry Class playing 'Stone Age' instruments at Creswell Crags