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Year 4

Never Too Old


As I strode through my village

I really didn't mind

That the case on my back

Was testing my drive.


As I reached the top field,

The gate in my way

Was hiding my childhood -

A field full of hay!


Clambering over

Into the clover

Mind running back

To the days that were over

Memories rushing,

Now and forever

For this was the start

Of my new adventure!


I ran down the the field with the wind in my hair

I'd lost all my cares and I didn't know where

Then the case on my back began to feel light

For I was feeling freedom, the freedom of my life.


I sat on a boulder and took the case from my shoulder

Which within held four strings to my heart

And all day there I'd stay

The banjo I'd play

That took me right back to my start.




Sophia W - Year 4 Winner



Free As a Baby Bird


I hear a tiny tweeting sound,

There's something brown and fluffy, fluttering on the ground,


I move closer to take a look,

I'm sure I've seen one of those in my nature book,


Then I spot a delicate, broken shell,

From a nest it must have fell,


A sweet, pretty bird, baby bird,

Making that sound i had earlier heard,


I look up into a tree,

Her mummy calling, that's what it'll be,


I scooped up the chick and held her high,

Back to her family, she did fly.


Felicity L - Year 4 Runner-up