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Year 5

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Willow and Palm


Mrs Missin & Mrs Graham -

Miss Pritchard -

DT- Merry-go-rounds

In Design and Technology, we learnt all about cams and simple mechanisms. We then made moving toys using a simple mechanism. We needed to be resilient as not all of them worked the first time. We had to use fault finding skills.

French Day


We all had lots of fun today. We read stories in French, watched real French children shop and make food, sampled some tasty French food, completed a dictionary challenge and bingo, played some traditional French games and more! Thank you all for making it such a great day.

Table Football Competition


As part of our Euro 2020 (21!) celebrations Willow Class held their own competition.

Congratulations to the winner Oscar, who was representing Sweden, and the runner-up, Phoebe, who was representing Portugal.


Much fun was had by all!

Year 5 Projects

In Year 5, the children produce an independent project on a topic of their choice. Through the production of this project, they develop their planning and research skills and then present in any format they choose. We had art exhibitions, short animations, 3D models, PowerPoint presentations, poster boards and beautifully presented folders to name a few.


The children then presented their completed projects to their classmates.


Year 5, we are so proud of your achievements!

The children worked very hard to create their own, newly discovered 'Space Critter' and produced a report to inform other scientists.

Wire Figure Sculptures


We studied the work of Alberto Giacometti and produced our own wire sculptures inspired by him. They reflect our interests and hobbies.

Figures in Motion

As part of our art lessons we have been exploring the human figure in motion. We studied the work of a range of photographers, sculptors and artists and took inspiration from them.


Our 'Hidden Figures' biographies, presented in the style of an exploding book! The children wrote brilliantly and worked hard on their presentation.

Willow have been composing pieces of music, based on the planets in our Solar System. They selected instruments, composed using graphic score and performed to the class.

Mars - Lukasz, George, Oscar, George, Dylan and Dougie's music

Super Science


We investigated the link between the size of meteor and the crater it created on impact.

We have had fun learning about gravity and air resistance, investigating what makes an effective parachute!

Cyclo Cross


A big thank you to Cycle Derby for organising such a fun day. We put our cycling skills to the test.


Year 5 had a very exciting day as they completed their Basic Astronaut Training.


The day involved:

  • Take off and flight simulation
  • International Space Station awareness
  • Astronaut fitness
  • Knowledge of the Solar System

Well done to everyone who entered the EggTastic Easter Egg Competition in Palm Class- it was a tricky task to get it down to just four!

1st place- Lily L, 2nd place- Harriet, 3rd- Gracie and 4th- Barnaby. 

In DT, we have completed a food technology unit focussing on biscuits. As you can imagine, it was a very popular project!

Our design brief was to: Design, make and evaluate a biscuit for families and young children to celebrate Easter or Spring.

We were really happy with the results. Not only did they look good, they tasted good too.

We had a great first week back, designing and making our clay tiles, which reflect the legacies of Ancient Greece. We will be painting and glazing them once they are dry - we will update the pictures with the finished articles!

Willow and Palm are readers - not just in Book Week but everyday of the year!

After sending Joe Wicks a poster all about him, Gracie (Palm Class) received a text and video response from the man himself! We videoed his response but sadly the file is too large to upload. 

Well done to everyone who entered the Christmas Jumper Competition in Palm Class- it was a tricky task to get it down to just three!

1st place- Ava R, 2nd place- Elliot M and 3rd- Georgia G. 

Well done to everyone who entered the Christmas jumper competition - it was difficult to judge! Willow Class - 1st place - Sophie R, 2nd place - Isobel H, 3rd place - George N

Virtual Archery Competition


This morning, both Palm and Willow participated in a virtual archery competition across school. The children were split into 4 groups and shot 10 arrows in total- each child was responsible for adding up their own scores. We are waiting patiently to see where we place against the other classes! 

Smelly Sewers!


We had a great live virtual session with Severn Trent @stwater this afternoon. We learnt all about toilets, drains and sewage!

Anti-Bullying Week 2020


We kickstarted our week by joining in with Odd Socks Day. The theme this year is 'United against bullying'.

Children in Need


We did lots of different activities on Friday to support Children in Need. Joe Wicks completed his 24 hour workout and we joined him for the final 20 minutes. We played games and took part in the Pudsey Ramble. We also spent some time finding out more about Children in Need and reflected on our own lives.

Poetry - The Magic Box and The Door


The children worked very hard to create their own poems inspired by 'The Magic Box' and 'The Door'. They then presented their work for display in the library.

Palm Class Topic Launch Day- Go with the Flow


It was lovely to be back in school today, especially being able to launch our new geography topic. We had a fun and busy day, which included located the rivers in the World and UK, making and playing our own Rivers Top Trumps cards, and working together to solve a tricky river problem. We will start with rivers and end with rainforests. 

Willow Class Topic Launch Day - Go with the Flow!


It was great to be back in school today, especially with our water themed dress code! We had a fun day to start our new topic, which included locating rivers in the World and the UK, making our own Top Trumps cards, playing team games and solving a river problem. We will continue the topic, starting with rivers and ending with rainforests.

Red Cross - Basic First Aid


Over the last few weeks, both Willow and Palm class have been learning about the work of The British Red Cross, including basic first aid skills. They have produced mini guides with the key steps needed.

Our Positive Pebbles


As a school, we wanted to celebrate the fact that we are back together after being separated by lockdown. Our Positive Pebbles show that, although things are still a challenge, we can get through it together.