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Take a look at what Cherry, Palm and Willow have been up to.

Timber Festival 2022


On the 1st July, 30 children from Y5 took part in a special performance of the premier of a new composition at Timber Festival. This was an amazing opportunity to perform alongside professional musicians from Project Strings and children from other schools. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us and the event was covered on East Midlands news that night. Mrs Fowkes was very proud of all the children who took part and had given up some of their lunchtimes to practise. 



We welcomed a very special visitor to MJS - Dr Diane. She is the only archaeologist in the UK who specialises in the Maya. She brought in many artefacts for us to look at and shared her knowledge and experiences of archaeological digs and living in the rainforest. It was a fascinating and enjoyable day.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

We have enjoyed our celebrations for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We have learnt lots about Queen Elizabeth's life and her reign and have completed some History and artwork.


Year 5 completed their basic astronaut training. We learnt about how astronauts prepare for a mission and took part in some fitness challenges. We learnt about different types of shuttles and about the International Space Station (ISS) and life onboard. We even took part in a launch simulation!


We also learnt all about our Solar System, The Milky Way, and its planets in preparation for our end of training assessment. 

DT - Biscuits

Design brief: Design, make and evaluate a biscuit for young children and families to celebrate Easter or Spring.


Here are the results:


ART - Clay Tiles



In Year 5, we celebrate reading all of the time but BIG READ WEEK is a chance to have fun exploring new books and authors during a special week dedicated to reading for pleasure!


We have taken part in a number of quizzes, competitions and activities including: The Masked Reader, Guess the Shelfie, Extreme Reading, Book in a Box, dressing up on World Book Day and learning the World Book Day Rap. We also took part in the Reading Relay - our classrooms have never been so quiet! Children (and teachers) completely absorbed in a good book. Hopefully, we've raised enough sponsorship to purchase some books from our wish list.


In our English lessons, we have been reading a beautiful picture book: The Wolf's Secret and are looking forward to producing writing inspired by it.

Willow's Poetry Performances


Each morning, Willow answers the register by reading a poem. We practise until we are happy with out performance and then we record it.

Click on the icons below to hear them.

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week - Willow and Cherry's artwork based on the picture book 'Bloom'.

Science - Properties and Changes of Materials

This unit has involved lots of practical work exploring properties and changes of materials.

Elf Training Day at MJS

Welcome to Willow's Virtual Art Gallery


In our art lessons we have been studying the work of a range of artists who use printing to produce their work. We experimented with three different printing techniques: block printing, mono printing and collagraph printing.


We then created designs inspired by our river trip and produced a series of prints. We printed in single colours, layering colours and printing on top of collage.


Here are the results...

Bikeability - It was time to develop our skills on two wheels!

Cherry's Trip to The Whistlestop Centre


Cherry's visit took place the day after Willow. The river was still quite high so we couldn't complete any activities in it, but we were able to carefully walk down the bank to stand and listen to the sounds of the flowing river. 

It was a fabulous day and we learnt lots of new facts about the River Derwent and features of a river, along with some bonus information about otters, hedgehogs and Peregrine Falcons!

Willow's Trip to The Whistlestop Centre


Willow class visited the Whistlestop Centre, Matlock Bath. We learned about the River Derwent and about how the water quality impacts upon the wildlife that lives in and around the river. We also completed some pond dipping and identified the creatures we found. The river levels were very high and so we couldn't complete all of the river activities but we were able to observe it from the safety of a bridge. 

Well done to everyone who entered the Pumpkin Competition - it was a tricky task to get it down to just three!

Palm class - 1st - Sophie G, 2nd - Anna-Maria and 3rd - Sophie L. 

Willow class - 1st - Emily, 2nd - Henley and 3rd - Bella.

Cherry class - 1st - Charlotte, 2nd - Emily and 3rd - Florence

Palm's Rivers Trip to The Whistlestop Centre


We had a brilliant time at the Whistlestop Centre, Matlock Bath. We recapped our rivers knowledge, found out how clean the river was based on the types of stream creatures that lived there, we measured the flow rate, tested the temperature and measured the depth of the river. We finished off the day making a sketch of the River Derwent from the bridge. 

Blindfolded course in PE, relying on our teamwork skills!

We had a great time on National Poetry Day performing our learnt poems and creating our own, inspired by Karl Nova.

We have been fortunate to have Project String Quartet visit school this morning playing a selection of classical and modern pieces.

Topic Launch Day - Go With The Flow 


We had a fun day to start our new topic, which included locating rivers in the World and the UK, making our own Top Trumps cards, playing team games and solving a river problem. We will continue the topic, starting with rivers and ending with rainforests.

Well done for looking like great rock stars today! Get practising your x tables on TT Rockstars.

We had great fun in our playground games workshop and the children have been using the new equipment to play the games we learnt.

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