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Year 6

Day 4 at Lea Green: another fantastic day! Group 1 have learnt to canoe and paddleboard during the Watersports Day at Carsington Water. Group 2 enjoyed the Stream Walk this morning and the Low Ropes course this afternoon. The morning was spent orienteering and bouldering for Group 3, followed by Team Swing - a highlight for many children! This evening, we will be working in teams to complete the 'eggs can fly' challenge.
Day 3 at Lea Green saw Group 1 on Skyline and Buggies, while Group 3 completed the Low Ropes course, swapping in the afternoon. Group 2 spent the day canoeing and paddle boarding at Carsington. Later, we got wet again on the waterslide! To finish off a very busy day, we played games in the late evening sunshine.

In the morning of day two at Lea Green, Group 1 enjoyed the exciting Team Swing activity while Group 2 completed orienteering and bouldering; Group 3 did water sports.

In the afternoon, Group 1 competitively orienteered and "bouldered" while Group 2 did the Team Swing; Group 3 continued to enjoy their water sports.



By Ewan

A fantastic first day was had by all. Here are some pictures of our afternoon antics.

Year 6 Summer Term Newsletter

Year 6 have been learning about ratio.  Mrs van Rooyen has purchased us brand new Maths equipment to help us with our learning!

Bah Humbug! Christmas 2018

A huge well done to Year 6 for their hard work and determination in putting on a fantastic production of Bah Humbug!
Year 6 had a thought-provoking day at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Newark. As part of 'Leo's Journey' exhibition, the children experienced what a Jewish child's life might've been like before and during WWII, which linked to our work in Topic and RE lessons. They also had the opportunity to hear the first-hand account of a Holocaust speaker, Bob Norton.

Year 6 visit to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, Newark

Times Tables Rock Stars Launch Day

Congratulations to Sam and Darcy for being elected by the pupils at MJS as our new School Council Presidents.

Welcome back to the new school year!


Below you will find the Year 6 news letter for the Autumn Term.

Here is a copy of the Autumn Term Homework Menu for Year 6.