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Year 6


What is freedom?

Freedom to me is running down a grassy hill

Looking at my surroundings, all green and wonderful.

This makes me feel lucky as others have fought for our freedom, maybe even died.


Nelson Mandela

Fought for anti-apartheid and black and white people to be together;

He was imprisoned for 27 years.


Oskar Schindler 

Was a member of the Nazi party but saved 1,200 Jews in the war.

He risked his life.


Mahatma Gandhi

Stood up for India's independence against Britain.

He was arrested for two years.


Martin Luther King

Spoke out for black people's equality.

He was assassinated for his Dream.


Emmeline Pankhurst

Protested for women to vote in Britain.

She was imprisoned and went on hunger strikes and was force fed which is an element of torture.


14th Dalai Lama

A Buddhist monk, peacefully fought for human rights.

he fled to India and is currently living as a refugee.


Malala Yousafzai

Battled for girls to go to school in Pakistan.

She was shot in the head.


Ian McKellen

Campaigned for gay rights.

He risked his acting career,


Thanks to all these people who fought for what was right.

They gave us the freedom that we take for granted every day.

What price would you pay for freedom?


Katie H - Year 6 Winner



Free Like Capocira


I bow down low to cocorinha.

They thought we were dancing- really we were fighting.

People dodge, battle for free.

Held captive, chained together.

Swishing and swaying,

the capocintras move around the Roda.

I escaped my master.

We hid in the Brazillian rainforests.

I was made to cut sugar cane.

We practised capocira day and night.

Freedom tastes sweeter than sugar to us slaves,

And we feel more bitter than coffee without capocira.

Fighting for freedom. Freed by death.


Jasmine P - Year 6 Runner-up