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Enrichment Activities 2017 - 2018


MJS Poetry Festival

Every year, in the Autumn Term, we hold the MJS Poetry festival - celebrating poetry and the spoken word in all its many forms.  The children read, write and perform many different kinds of poetry. It gives teachers an opportunity to share their favourite poems too.


National Poetry Day - 28th September

As part of this festival, we celebrate National Poetry Day. This year's theme was 'Freedom'.We held a special assembly where each year group performed a poem that they had learnt off by heart.


Year 6 – A Poem for Black Saturday by Len Smith


Year 5 – Night Mail by WH Auden


Year 4 – You’re Old Father William by Lewis Carroll


Year 3 – Tea with Aunty Mabel by Jeanne Willis


We were really impressed by the children's performances!


As part of day's celebrations, a poetry competition was launched, linking to the day's theme of 'Freedom'. We look forward to seeing the results!