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School Dinners

School Dinners
Lunches are cooked in a well equipped kitchen on the school premises. The meals are of a high standard and are popular with children and staff. The Kitchen has recently achieved the Platinum standard from Derbyshire County Council. The choice includes a meat dish, a vegetarian meal or sandwiches. 
We do ask that children take meals (or sandwiches,) on a full-time basis, and that advance notice is given for any change in this routine.

The cost of school lunch is presently £2.00 per day per child. All lunch money should be brought on a Monday morning (£10 per week). If your child is absent on a Monday, the amount for the remainder of the week should be paid in on the day he/she returns to school. Please send a cheque, if possible, to cover the cost of the school lunches, or ensure that your child has a clearly labelled purse/envelope to bring lunch money in. Payment can be made by cheque for a full term’s lunches in advance.
Parents who feel that they may be eligible for free meals are actively encouraged to contact the Office for information or application forms.  All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.  Special diets on medical/religious grounds are also available, so do not hesitate to request these if you require one.



A small number of children bring sandwiches for lunch.  We request that parents provide healthy lunch boxes for children and do not send sweets or chocolate bars.  Please ensure that lunch boxes are also clearly labelled with your child's name and discuss with your child the importance of bringing it home after each school day.

Children are encouraged to bring water into school on a daily basis in a sports-type bottle, labelled with the child’s name. Water bottles are available from the school shop, which is run by the PTA at a cost of £1.20.
If children require a snack mid morning, a piece of fruit should be brought to school. No other snacks are permitted.
If children wish to celebrate a birthday or other event with their class mates, we request that sweets/cakes are not brought into school. We would request that an alternative- e.g. fruit, stickers etc be sent in.
Owing to children who have very serious allergies, we request that nuts are not brought into school at all.