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Promoting curiosity - asking questions

Good scientists ask lots of questions!  It is not about knowing or finding out the right answer. 


For example, look carefully at the photo below:

What is happening? What questions could be asked about it?




Working Scientifically

 At MJS we endeavour to show that we can 'work scientifically' in different ways. 

The 5 main ways are:

  • Exploring
  • Grouping and classifying
  • Observing changes over time
  • Fair testing/pattern seeking 
  • Researching using secondary sources.


In September, every year group take part in a 'working scientifically' carousel to remind them of these skills. See the pictures of Year Threes working scientifically afternoon linked to their topic, 'Rocks and Soils' and Year 6 working scientifically, based on their 'Light' topic. . 



Working Scientifically in Year 3