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Admissions and Attendance

Penalty Notices- Advice Leaflet for Parents

Authorised Leave of Absence Guidance

Under current legislation every Junior school has a standard number set by the Education Authority. At Melbourne Junior School the standard number for 2023/2024 is seventy. This means that the Authority consider that seventy children may be accommodated in Year 3 and each subsequent year group during an academic year.

Applications for Admission

All applications for Melbourne Junior School must be made through the local authority - Derbyshire County Council. The form must be completed online, please follow the link here.


The following criterion will be applied with regard to admissions. This is particularly relevant when the school is over subscribed:


Criteria 0 – SEN

Criteria 1 – Looked after children

Criteria 2 – Normal area with siblings

Criteria 3 – Normal area without siblings

Criteria 4 – Out of area with siblings

Criteria 5 – Out of area based on distance


Visits and Meetings
Parents who wish to view the school are warmly invited to contact the School Business Officer to arrange an appointment with the Headteacher.

An open afternoon for new parents is also held in May. This is followed by a more detailed meeting which is held in July.

We have a very strong liaison with Melbourne Infant School and pupils take part in a variety of activities to help to familiarise themselves with teachers and routines. This includes participating in our sports day. The teachers also liaise very closely with Year 2 teachers and records are transferred to ensure that pupils continue to make good progress as they enter the juniors.