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Our Curriculum 2020-2021

Our Intent: What do we want for our pupils?

At Melbourne Junior School, we aim to empower every child to take ownership of their learning; our curriculum is designed to facilitate this with opportunities for children to explore their own learning, ask questions, pick the level of challenge that suits them, and to support and mentor each other. Pupils are widely read, motivated to learn and enthusiastic to develop their skills. They are encouraged to became active and to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities giving them windows into the worlds of sport and the arts. We enjoy a high level of engagement from parents and carers, who are keen to support children’s learning beyond the classroom.

Our curriculum is a vehicle for the development of expertise, providing opportunities for children to practice skills needed for later life and to develop a thirst for knowledge through engagement in a broad variety of topic areas. We use all subjects to stimulate discussion and to raise new questions. All subjects are equally valued. Our aim is to create curious, reflective and energetic life-long learners.

Our recovery curriculum 2020-2021 – How do we intend to come back from Covid?

The Covid-19 pandemic has required us to plan a recovery curriculum which enables all our children to re-engage with their formal education and to recover any skills and confidence lost during the period of lock-down.

Our recovery curriculum has allowed children to rediscover an enthusiasm for learning, rebuild relationships and reintroduce the skills required for successful learning.

On return to school in September, each class used a picture book to inspire the children and encourage them to become curious and creative. Carefully chosen whole class reading texts have also been used to re-inspire our whole school passion for reading and all the other learning that this brings. 

Our Maths and English curriculum has aimed to recover lost learning through revision of previous year’s objectives and engagement with current curriculum requirements. A focus on PSHE and daily PE sessions have helped pupils rebuild a sense of wellbeing and belonging at school.

The second half of the Autumn term sees the curriculum in all year groups broadening out to encompass a range of Science and foundation subjects with a continued emphasis on practical skills and active learning. We hope to return to our full curriculum by Summer 2021.

We are offering as much of our curriculum as possible through our blended learning systems so that children who are out of school are able to continue with their studies. We are using a combination of Microsoft Teams and our school website to help pupils stay on track whether they are self-isolating or out of school with their whole bubble.

Find below the slides that were used at our recent parent workshop 'Supporting your child with Fractions'.

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Presentation from Maths Meeting for Parents March 2017

Recommended Reading Texts for Each Year Group

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