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The library

We are very lucky to have a well-stocked library. From classic novels to popular modern titles, non-fiction texts about many topics to poetry and magazines to dual language books; there really is something for everyone in our library.


The Reading Cloud is our computerised library system. Each book or resource has a bar code and each child has a unique user number and pin.  Every child can borrow two books from the library and, by logging onto the school's Reading Cloud, can review books read, keep track of their loans, browse the library catalogue and use the 'Who next?' facility to chose their next book.  The Reading Cloud can also be accessed by the children at home.


The library is open everyday from 12 to 12.30 pm (although the Reading Cloud can be accessed at any time). Year 6 children are the librarians. They issue and return books, keep the library tidy and assist children with their book choices and enquiries.


 *Currently, classes visit the library in a weekly session in order to reduce numbers in the library. Individual class library shelves have been also been created.


Previously, Year 6 children have assisted with sessions at Melbourne Infant's library. We hope that this is able to resume soon.