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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling at MJS


The school currently uses The Spelling Shed programme to support the delivery of the objectives in Curriculum 2014. For the majority of children, spelling lessons take place in class groups.  The children receive two spelling sessions a week in addition to a weekly test. The children take home a spelling list to learn and have the option of using the online Spelling Shed games to practise.





Rainbow Grammar


What is Rainbow Grammar?

Rainbow Grammar is a fun, practical and colourful way of teaching children how to build different types of sentences. The approach was developed by Jason Wade.


In Rainbow Grammar, there are nine colours and each colour represents a different part of a sentence.

Children learn:

  • how different parts of sentences work
  • what different types of words and parts of sentences are called
  • how to join the different parts of sentences together
  • how to improve their sentences
  • how to punctuate their sentences.


Most importantly of all, they learn why writers use these different parts and how they help to improve their writing.

Rainbow Grammar for Parents