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Y4 Redwood

Welcome to Redwood Class, Year 4.

During the Spring Term, Image Theatre Company visited school and performed 'The Wind in the Willows'. In response, we enjoyed creating new characters and producing writing based upon the story.  We also prepared play scripts based upon a chapter in the book entitled 'The Open Road' and enacted our performances.

Wind in the Willows: The Open Road (Group 1)

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Wind in the Willows: The Open Road (Group 2)

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Wind in the Willows: The Open Road (Group 3)

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Wind in the Willows: The Open Road (Group 4)

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Wind in the Willows: The Open Road (Group 5)

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Congratulations to our Redwood 'Wind in the Willows' writing competition winners: Edward Harrison and Jasmine Parrish. These children will move forward to the next stage of the competition and their entries shall be judged by the Rotary Club, where an overall winner shall be chosen from all of the year groups.

Invaders! Launch Day


Our new topic 'Invaders!' is about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

On our launch day, we explored Celtic art and the influence of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings upon Celtic designs. We also undertook some weaving and played the Germanic strategy game Tafl.

Vikings Day

with Partake Theatre Company

The children in Redwood really enjoyed our 'Vikings Day' led by the Partake Theatre Company. Pupils especially enjoyed finding out about different aspects of Viking life, planning a Viking settlement and learning about Viking occupations through their participation in hands on activities, such as: hammering jewellery, spinning wool and weaving, making coil pots and grinding wheat to make flour.


The day also included taking a look at life on the battle-field, with a look at Viking armour and weaponry (as modelled by Jamie and Ethan in the images below). Finally, our day culminated in a dramatic re-enactment of a Viking raid and burial. The day was a big success and it proved an exciting and interesting introduction to the Vikings section of our Invaders topic.


A big thank you for taking the time to provide costumes for the children. They looked fantastic!

All of the pupils in Redwood Class have thoroughly enjoyed Science Week. They experimented with  water and polymers, during our 'Magical Plastic Bag' experiment; explored reaction forces through our 'Bottle Rocket' activity; had fun finding about the mining industry in Coalville and the 'Dangerous Science of Mining' and made exciting discoveries about conductors whilst creating a 'Human Circuit' using an energy ball. We have learned a lot throughout the week but more importantly, we have had a fantastic time in doing so!